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يشهد عالمنا المعاصر تطورات هائله فى مجال تكنولوجيا المعلومات مما طور وسائل الاتصال والمعاملات التجارية وتبادل المعلومات ووسائل التعلم. وقد ظهرت حديثاً "رخصه قياده الكمبيوتر الدولية" (ICDL) والتى

 تصدر من هيئه اليونسكو. ويهدف برنامج (ICDL) الى رفع المستوى العام لمهارات استخدام الكمبيوتر الأساسيه فى كافه المجالات التعليميه والمهنيه. كما ويطور أفاق العمل ويرفع الانتاجيه ويخلق فرص عمل جديده. وأصبحت شهاده ICDL معترف بها فى اكثر من 150 دوله من بينها 12 دوله عربيه.

وايماناً بما سبق فقد تم افتتاح "مركز ICDL  المعتمد للتدريب والأختبارات" بعماره معهد سيسكو للغات والكمبيوتر بالزقازيق حيث يمكن للمتقدم أن.

أ- يدرس برامج ICDL  السبعه ويؤدى اختباراتها باللغه الانجليزية.

ب- يدرس البرامج ويؤدى الاختبارات باللغه العربيه.

ج- يتدرب على الأختبارات ويؤديها فى سيسكو بالزقازيق

د- يحصل الدارس بعد إجتياز هذه الاختبارات على:


"رخصه قياده الكمبيوتر الدوليه" الصادره من مكتب اليونسكو بالقاهره.



عدد الساعات




1- Basic Concepts of Information Technology (IT)

2- Managing Files  (Windows)

3- Word Processing

4- Spread Sheets (Excel)

5- Data Base (Access)

6- Presentations (Power Point)

7- Information & Communications (Internet)





ملحوظة: 1- فى حاله دراسة جميع المواد يدفع الدارس 550 جنيهاً دفعة واحدة ويستلم الكتب مجاناً.

2- يدفع 40 جنيهاً لكل اختبار من الاختبارات السبعه.

3- يدفع 165 جنيها ثمن استماره المهارات Skills Card.


The International Computer Driving License (ICDL) is a global

program aiming at raising the general level of competence in IT in all sectors of the society and, therefore, promoting life-long e-learning. The main objective of the program is to enhance the basic computer skills giving the learners the opportunity to join effectively the new Information Age and consequently to fulfill the ultimate objective of computer illiteracy.

The ICDL concept is owned by the ICDL/ECDL Foundation, which is a non-profit organization based in Dublin, Ireland. The Foundation was formed to coordinate the introduction and cooperation of the ICDL/ECDL concept throughout the world through a network of Licensees. UNESCO Cairo Office is the ICDL Licensee in Egypt, Jordan, and a number of neighboring countries.

UNESCO Cairo Office, UNESCO Regional Office for Science and Technology for Arab States, adopted the ICDL Program in January 2001 as an ideal alternative towards computer literacy for all.

The ICDL has become a widely recognized qualification in both personal and work-related computer use. The Program is currently featured in over 120 countries worldwide and is offered in more than 25 languages. In the Arab World, UNESCO Cairo Office introduced the Program in 12 Arab States with more than 200.000 registrants, over 500 accredited centers, and more than 50.000 holders of the certification.


The ICDL has countless benefits for its holders, organizations, and the society at large. To count a few, ICDL increases knowledge; improves job prospects; and upgrades general IT skills. It also increases productivity, provides a benchmark for employee recruitment, promotion, and retention, and measures training results. With ICDL, the IT skills gap may be reduced and new business opportunities created.

Obtaining the ICDL

The ICDL is awarded upon completion of 7 Modules ranging from essential concepts of IT, word-processing and spreadsheets to using e-mail and the internet. Through this modular structure, the ICDL provides a flexible learning approach.



The ICDL 7 Modules:

1. Basic Concepts of Information Technology

2- Using the Computer and Managing Files

3. Word Processing

4. Spreadsheets

5. Database

6. Presentation

7. Information and Communication

The above modules may be taken in any order and within the span of three years from the date of the first test date. All modules, except the first one, are manifestations of practical skills. The tests are tasks-oriented and are typical of day-to-day computer operations.

ICDL Start:

UNESCO Cairo Office is also featuring ICDL Start. This certificate is awarded after the completion of any four modules of the seven stated above. The certificate is intended for organizations, such as banks and hospitals, interested in upgrading the capacity building of their staff in certain IT application areas.


ICDL is open for everyone, regardless of age or educational background. Candidates wishing to obtain the ICDL certificate should register in the program through accredited test centers. In its capacity as the ICDL Licensee in Egypt, Jordan, and neighboring countries, UNESCO Cairo Office is responsible for selecting and accrediting testing and training centers upon a set of internationally recognized standards, set by the ECDL Foundation and adhered to by all Licensees.

Complete and updated details of ICDL centers accredited by the  UNESCO Cairo Office are available in the ICDL website:

ICDL Advanced:

UNESCO Cairo Office is also featuring ICDL Advanced qualification which is designed to promote the computer skills benchmark from the ICDL core level to the next advanced level of competence. The Advanced tests are based on task-based models requiring an advanced knowledge in particular applications.

ICDL Advanced is intended for those who want to advance their career prospects with an advanced computer skills qualification or for individuals interested in testing their computer skills at a higher level. The certificate then proves that the candidate has extensive and detailed knowledge in particular computer applications.

The ICDL Advanced is offered in selected accredited ICDL centers. ICDL Advanced is modular and the certificate is awarded after the successful passing of each module. An expert certificate is awarded to candidates who complete all the modules included in the ICDL Advanced Programme.

The following Modules are featured in Advanced:

* Word Processing

* Spreadsheets

* Database

* Presentation