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SESCO Languages & Computer Center was the first project of the Social Educational Services Company (SESCO), the Mother Company, which was inaugurated in Zagazig, a city about 80 km. from Cairo, by Sharkia Governor in October 1984. SESCO was visited by several ministers, including the Minister of Education in April 1985 and some Key Personnel at the American Embassy and the American University in Cairo (AUC).

Since its foundation, SESCO has concluded several cooperation agreements that resulted in the following:


- SESCO Languages and Computer Center in Zagazig, where English, TOEFL, IELTS, and computer courses have been offered, under the auspices of Zagazig Education Directorate, since October 1984.

- SESCO-AUC Training Center in Zagazig, where English and computer courses were offered under the auspices of the AUC in 1988-1989.

- SESCO-IBM Authorized Training Center, which started its training activities in 1997. It offers general and specialized IT courses. It has also been offering the specialized IT courses of the Egyptian Graduates' Training Program, which is being run under the auspices of the National Telecommunications Institute (NTI) and IBM-Egypt, since 2001.

- SESCO Computer Technology Institute that is run under the auspices of the National Telecommunications Institute. It accepts Thanawiya Ama and diploma holders, who obtain the Higher Intermediate Training Diploma in Computer after a two-year course of study.

- SESCO-VUE Authorized Testing Center, where applicants are tested and get their internationally recognized certificates in: MICROSOFT – IBM - CISCO - CIW - MACROMEDIA - Linux - CompTIA, etc.

- SESCO-ICDL Accredited Learning and Testing Center, in 2005, where enrollees are trained on the seven ICDL modules and then tested to get the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) through the UNESCO Cairo Office.


SESCO Center is equipped with the following equipment:

- 7 computer laboratories having 150 computers, 8 servers, and 3 printers

- 3 spacious classrooms

- An over head projector       

- 3 data shows

        - 2 Photocopying Machines

- Licensed software

- DSL leased line, 1 mg.

- A cafeteria and a break area, and

- Four telephone lines + Fax.

All our laboratories and classrooms are air-conditioned. The total area of the center is 300 2m., on the Ground Floor and 362 2m., on the First Floor. There is still more room for expansion, as the rest of the Ground Floor of SESCO Building is not utilized yet.

The company staff is 24 administrators and employees. Newly-hired employees attend in-service training courses to update and upgrade their professional knowledge. We have been in the English language teaching and IT business for about 21 years now. Our expertise, good support, and competitive prices are our means to achieving our principal goal: customer satisfaction.

SESCO is a dynamic company having the potential to grow and to vary its activities to meet the demands of today’s competitive market.

For more information, please call the company from 10 AM. to 10 PM. daily, except Fridays and holidays:

055 2300364 – 055 2300901 – 055 2365626 – 0129200644,

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   Dr. Mohamed A. El-Sayed